Examining Iain Duncan Smith’s understanding of Brexit

Today, in response to an op-ed in the Daily Mail in which Iain “Bit of a thicky” Duncan Smith pushed Hanlon’s Razor to its limit with his “interpretation” of the Supreme Court proceedings, I published a series of tweets. They have proved, contrary to expectation, common sense and decency, to be quite popular, and I have had several requests to collate them in a blogpost. So for those who so wish, here I do. For those who aren’t fussed or have already seen, sorry for the diversion and have a nice day.


















Update: If you would like to see the above tweets set in a video to music – and, frankly, who wouldn’t? – see here from The Huffington Post.

5 thoughts on “Examining Iain Duncan Smith’s understanding of Brexit

  1. You have stuck a blow on behalf of so many people who have suffered at the hands of this man and exposed his ignorance of yet another matter he has the arrogance to pontificate upon. Not everyone of those who have suffered have the means to take him on and render him so helpless. Thank you.


  2. Bravo. The only thing that’s really worrying is the faint possibility that he might *not* be that stupid – in which case he’s deliberately making claims that are inflammatory, illogical, misleading and false.


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