Today marks publication of Nothing But The Truth, my third foray into the world of publishing. It’s a different type of book to what has come before; less angry, more reflective and, hopefully, thought-provoking in its own meandering way.

The book charts my own journey to the criminal Bar, and in particular the fairly radical changes in my views about criminal justice once I started to witness it in action. Something which I note in the book, and something which I think hasn’t changed since I first considered a career as a barrister is that, for somebody without any links to the legal profession, the Bar can seem an alienating place. Historically, barristers have been drawn from the narrowest social stratum, rendering the Bar woefully unrepresentative. These problems persist today.

Where there has been important change in recent years, however, is in the outreach work that is carried out by those in and with links to the legal profession, aimed at improving social mobility and making the Bar accessible to people from all backgrounds.

A few months ago, I asked followers on Twitter to help compile, and in the book I’ve attempted to offer, a (non-exhaustive) list of charities, organisations, schemes and opportunities that are aimed at opening up the Bar to everybody, so that those standing up in court and representing people in legal proceedings better reflect the communities they serve.

I’ve replicated that list in a new page on this blog, so that it is easily accessible, and updatable. It is a growing list. If you are part of or know of an organisation or scheme that is not listed below, which you would wish to be included, please let me know.

Feel free to duplicate this, if it is helpful, on your own sites and channels.

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