The Life of a Criminal Case

Exciting flow chart coming soon.

UPDATE: This page has been like this since the blog’s inception. I’d be lying if I said the flowchart is even close to being finished. I do, however, maintain that this was an excellent idea.


3 thoughts on “The Life of a Criminal Case

  1. Someone did really excellent grahics for some TED talks I watched not a hundred years ago – I think they would really enjoy working with you on your grahics – btw your piece on Evans was really good


  2. My nine year old son has been using PowerPoint at school in his IT module and might be available if I can drag him away from his usual mucking about activities.

    The graphics would be fun – certainly colourful – but possibly slightly wonky. As for the text, he could probably wing it.

    Should I have a word?


    John H.

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