Following reports of a private prosecution for rape being brought with the aid of crowdfunding, my brief explainer on private prosecutions is available in the iPaper here. (For the accompanying image of a gavel, I can only apologise.)



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  1. Surely you can persuade the i to change the image. It’s cringemaking. Indeed I’d go so far as to say that it damages your (fine) reputation to have an article under your name appear below such an extraordinarily inappropriate picture.

  2. Massive applause for hiughlighting again the iniquity of the treatment of costs. Private prosecutions offer a scary option for the zealots to bankrupt the merely “not poor”.

    And at the risk of picking at nits, dare I offer that HMRC struck me no longer the best example of another statutory prosecuting authority given the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office was merged with the CPS in 2010 and the DPP is now also the Director of Revenue and Customs Prosecutions. While they wear separate hats to match the separate statutory frameworks, perhaps the HSE would be a simpler example.

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