Some of you may have seen that, in further defiance of all common sense and decency, I was yesterday named joint winner of the Independent Blogger of the Year award at the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards 2017, defending my barely-deserved crown, to be shared with the wonderful Liz Gerard (@gameoldgirl), author of the superb SubScribe blog.

Last year, I came over all Gwyneth when thanking you, my long-suffering readership, for your support. Time has both weathered and hardened my soul, so if I may, I will say only this:

Thank you, again, for all of your support, comments and criticism. That this blog did not wither two months into infancy is down to the unmerited attention and generous engagement of all of you who read these half-formed thoughts and follow me on the Twitter. Its success lies as much with you as me.

Here’s to another twelve months of lawsplaining.

Thank you all

SB x



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  1. Congratulations. Always makes me think, when reading your stuff. Give Gwyneth a miss tho’……….;-)

  2. Thank you for your hard work. I find your writing informative and interesting. Whenever I see a courtroom decision or point of law being discussed, I immediately look to see what you and @PeatWorrier are saying about it. Saves being misinformed and jumping to conclusions. Congratulations on a well deserved award. Well done, have a dram.

  3. Keep on keeping on. In dark moments, to come across blogs such as yours gives me hope for a better world

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