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  1. Mindboggling. I have to appear in (a Dutch) court on April 15. I really want to have my say, and it getting shelved would have financial repercussions, but – our health… The hour in public transport to get there… It’s not worth it, is it. I hope they see sense.

  2. The Scottish Court and Tribunal Service made these announcements 10 days ago:
    Jury trials
    Based on the Government’s response to coronavirus we are continually reviewing the operation of the courts and tribunals, to ensure that essential services are maintained as far as possible and that we take appropriate measures to protect the health of all court users.

    As a result from today, 17th March, no new criminal jury trials will be commenced or new juries empanelled until further notice. This will be kept under review.

    Where jury trials have already commenced these will run to conclusion of the trial, if practical to do so.

    For jurors cited for trials after today information will be available on jury telephone lines advising them not to attend.

    It is likely that further measures will be announced in the coming days.

    Please continue to regularly check the SCTS website for updates.

    Planning our response to Coronavirus

    “Unprecedented times” is a phrase that has probably been overused in the last year, but best describes where we find ourselves today; not just as an organisation, or a country but as a global society.

    The justice system lies at the heart of any democratic society and that’s even more important during this period.

    Last week the SCTS hosted a Criminal Justice Multi-Agency Workshop to work through the challenges of how we prioritise action across the justice system to focus on safety and public order. This covered a wide range of issues including custody management, administrative hearings, extended use of video links, jury practicalities and reducing physical attendance at court. Similar assessments are being made across civil, tribunals, OPG and our corporate services. At the same time we are examining longer term plans to strengthen our resilience.

    SCTS Chief Executive, Eric McQueen said: “For those regular users of courts and tribunals, you will know how complex these issues are. As we plan to introduce measures for the High Court, Sheriff and JP Courts and Tribunals that will help us maintain the critical elements of business and support an effective recovery after the outbreak., we will use this website to communicate widely”
    “Meantime, the most important action for all of us attending a court or a tribunal at this time; be they staff, judiciary, court or tribunal users, is to follow stringently the current medical advice. Stay home if you have developed a continuous cough or fever/ high temperature in the last 7 days and if you are well and attending court follow our guidance and rigorously undertake a hand washing and hygiene regime.

    Please check regularly for updates on this website.


    One rule for public health in Carlisle Crown Court. Another in Dumfries Sheriff Court, just 34 miles away. Our Crown Courts are objectively hindering the work of the NHS by fostering the spread of the virus. That would be an aggravating feature on sentence.

  3. I live in Ontario, Canada. About two weeks ago I got a letter from the local Sheriff’s Office summoning me for jury duty. This week i got a letter, followed up with a telephone call telling me not to report on 18 May 2020.

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