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  1. Max Hill/DPP issued Interim Coronavirus Guidance to Prosecutors but he might just as well have written that guidance on toilet paper. I am representing a doctor who works in urgent care who is being prosecuted for no insurance. Both he and his wife paid for fully comprehensive cover on their own cars. He drove her car for a short distance and it transpired neither his policy nor hers covered him so he is being prosecuted. CPS refuse to drop case on public interest grounds despite no injury, damage, accident or poor driving on basis it is in the public interest to remove both those doctors from the frontline and have them attend Sevenoaks Court to present a Special Reasons argument because he has a previous no insurance. Surely the public interest of saving lives should come first? Apparently not. I have yet to see a prosecutor implement the CPS guidance.

  2. Dear Secret Barrister,
    I was a magistrate at Highbury Corner from 2006 to 2015. Do you think there might be any merit in calling back retired magistrates like me (I’m 65), give us some updating/training, and have us sit with current magistrates? Just for the more routine stuff, probably not for trials.
    I realize the logjam may be more about legal advisers and other court staff, but might this help?
    Andrew Wilson

  3. As a young Police Officer in the late 1980s, I soon realised that the CJ system didn’t function for the common good as it should. As a retired Police Officer, some 32 years after that realisation, I have seen uninformed politicians cause more harm than good, interfering in things they do not understand and frankly should not be allowed anywhere near. They have defunded and degraded Policing and other public services to the point where they no longer function efficiently, ‘don’t cry wolf’ – we were told by one such politician. Political interference and agendas which favour some hairbrained scheme, now take precedence over common sense and the reality of what happens in the real world, not seen or even vaguely understood by those in their ivory towers. The Police are not blameless either, we now have a new breed of senior officer many promoted well beyond their capability, who will knee jerk to the latest trend and pander to the noisy minority to advance their careers – (without fear or favour – what happened to that?) I do not envy young officers starting out in their careers – they are swimming upstream against a torrent of nonsense and drowning daily.

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